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Mybox Smart Locker: The best option to take care of your chores!

What if we told you that there was a way to make your life simple and remove all your laundry and cleaning woes with the touch of a button? We’re talking about the Mybox Smart Locker. Designed to take care of all your cleaning requirements, these smart boxes are set up in residential buildings for the use of residents.

Services offered

You can get laundry services done, clothes, and shoes repaired with the Mybox Smart Locker! You can choose from options on a touch screen to select the service required. The options include Laundry, alterations, bag and shoe cleaning and repair, flower delivery and pet products.

How it works?

You simply need to log in at the kiosk, select the service needed, place your items in the secured lockers, and Voila! Your job is done. Your items are then collected and sent to the service provider. Once the work is complete you receive an invoice for the payment. You can collect either collect your items when you receive a notification on your phone informing you about the locker number from where the cleaned/ fixed items can be picked up. Alternatively, you can select home delivery option to receive it at the doorstep.

Why is Mybox Smart Locker so convenient?

More often than not, we forget that we spend a lot of our valuable time arranging for these services. A lot of times the service providers do not provide the delivery and pick-up service. And then again for every kind of cleaning or repair work, we need to find a different vendor. These services are available 24*7 and save you the time spent otherwise on booking the service elsewhere, waiting for the pickup, and then the long delivery time. With Mybox Smart locker all these services come to you, under one roof.

These smart lockers are available at several locations across Dubai!


Laundrybox Mobile App

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