Laundry in Sheikh Zayed Road up to 3rd

Sheikh Zayed Road up to 3rd

Sheikh Zayed Road is the gateway to anywhere in Dubai. The road consists of eight lanes on each side, making it the main artery of Dubai. The area stretches to other popular districts in Dubai, and also to large cities surrounding Dubai.

Our laundry service in Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the best rated laundry services. We offer not only impeccable finish but also professional customer service to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied.

Download Laundrybox App and get access to all basic services in Sheikh Zayed Road. We offer flower delivery service, shoe service, tailoring service, pet service and laundry service in Sheikh Zayed Road. Book a date and time through our App for pick up and delivery and our couriers will be at your doorstep to assist you.

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