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Alteration places near me

"Find expert alteration places near you for impeccable garment customization."


Experience premium quality laundry and dry cleaning service with Laundrybox. Give us a call or book through Laundrybox app, and our rider will be at your doorstep within no time. It's that simple, easy, and convenient!

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Our Unique Selling Proposition

Excellent Location Coverage

Extensive fleet of drivers to cover maximum areas in Dubai

Europe Grade Laundry Chemical

To ensure excellent cleaning while retaining the texture and color of fabric

Temperature Regulated Cleaning

Customized as per the fabric requirements

100% Steam Iron

100% steam iron for impeccable finish and retain colors of fabric

Trained Textile Experts

Experts with immense knowledge trained regularly with latest cleaning technologies

Fully Vaccinated Staff

To ensure safety of customers and employees.


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Alteration places near me


Readymade clothes have become the latest rage. They come in a wide range of colours and designs, and so it is obvious that you would want to choose them over personally fitted or sewn clothes. They are affordable as well; custom made clothing often costs you more. The only shortcoming of readymade clothes is its fit. As these clothing are made to fit certain sizes, they do not often fit most people. You might need a tuck or nip in some places. Proper fit is important to make your clothing look good on you. Tailoring service Dubai can make your clothes feel comfortable!

A good fit plays a key role in establishing your looks. Any alteration is good enough as the fit only. Thus, the alteration places near me should possess a fitting room wherein the tailor works with the client to make sure the fit is proper without compromising on comfort and looks.

Expert alteration

Some clothes tend to shrink. Thus, they should be altered only by experts who take care of the clothing properly. Our experts wash and iron your clothes before making the required alterations. Likewise, if your pants need length alteration, you should bring in the preferred footwear to ensure that your pants get the best fit. It is essential for the

alteration places near me to offer the client the proper advice, so that there is no confusion or surprises at the last minute.

Checking whether the clothing can be changed.

Multiple fabric types are used to create outfits, so, before you opt for an alteration, you need to ensure that the particular outfit is fit for this process. Some readymade clothing makers cut the cloth in the appropriate proportion which makes it difficult to alter them. Our experts check your cloth for such issues and let you know straight away whether your clothing can be altered or not.

Experience and skills are important factors that contribute to the success of an alteration job done by alteration places near me. Our experts know the latest trends and deliver accordingly. If you have an expensive outfit and wish to make alterations to it, but wonder if we are suitable for the job, worry not. We can show you our past work to earn your trust and do our best to make sure that your valuable outfit is altered just the way you wanted.


Laundrybox Dubai can offer you the required tailoring service within a short span. You can easily get alterations done on your clothing without any issues. We deliver your altered clothes on time, every time!


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Adib Samara

Laundrybox is changing the way laundry and dry cleaning is done around the world! Their automated locker system in residential and commercial towers is revolutionary, and gives tenants a 24 hour, hassle free experience. Their mobile app is easy to use, their quality is impeccable, and their 24 hour Customer Service team is like no other in the city - they are reliable, honest, and professional! Who ever thought that doing your laundry would be this easy - and fun too! The only laundry business that allows you to place your orders, manage your laundry cycles, set your preferences and make your payments all with a press of a button! The innovation, convenience and quality service has made Laundrybox the go to Laundry and Dry Cleaning service in Dubai. Epic!

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