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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our laundry services, making your experience simple and hassle-free.

  • Are you the same guys behind Laundrybox?
    Yes we are. We evolved our brand, technology and business model in to Mybox to make life a lot easier for you. We can now facilitate doing your errands in the most convenient way possible using our smart lockers and mobile app in partnership with high quality service providers.
  • What services do you now offer?
    In partnership with the best service providers in the market you can now conveniently and reliably do your Laundry & Dryclean with Laundrybox ( Shoe Repairs & Cleaning with Ndust ( Tailor and Alterations with Tailor & Tweek ( Device Repairs with Geeks ( Package Delivery – Coming Soon Grocery Delivery – Coming Soon
  • How can I use your services?
    If you have access to one of our smart lockers you can use them to drop and collect your items 24/7 easily and without having to connect with anyone. Otherwise you can use our home pick up and delivery service by placing your orders on the mobile app or calling us on 800 5269. This app can be used for both home pick up and delivery users as well as smart locker users. You can always select and change your user profile in the My Accounts tab.
  • Can I use multiple services at the same time?
    Absolutely, we are all about making your life easy and hassle free by giving you the ability to now take care of all your errands in one go without ever having to talk to anyone, go anywhere or deal with multiple vendors. Mybox is your one stop shop for all your errands. You can place your orders at the same time but each order will have various delivery times according to the service(s) selected.
  • When will I get my stuff back?
    Delivery times are communicated according to the service(s) required. Please note that if you have multiple items for the same order all your items will be retuned at the same time and therefore the longest delivery time shall apply for that order.
  • After I place my order what happens next?
    You can track the progress of your order on the app or by logging into We will send you an invoice once your order is processed so you can pay online, on the app or at the locker kiosk. For home deliveries you will be notified on the app once our driver is on his way and you can then track the driver as he makes his way to you. For locker deliveries you will receive an SMS, email and app notification once your items are ready to be collected.
  • For smart locker orders, how long do I have to collect my items?"
    When your items are delivered to the locker you have until 11:59pm the next day to collect your items.
  • How do I use my reward points?
    Earning Reward Points: For every AED you spend with Mybox and every Mybox hanger you return, you will earn reward points that you can use to get free laundry. 1 AED spent gets you 2 reward points and every Mybox hanger returned gets you 0.5 reward points. For every 1,000 points you will get AED 20 Redeeming Reward Points: Reward points can be used as payment for your Laundry Orders ONLY. This option will automatically be available once you have enough reward points to cover the amount of the entire bill. From the Mybox Website, click on "Make A Payment" and you will see the option to pay with your reward points. From the Mybox App, tap on "Pay" and it will give you an option to pay for your laundry using the reward points. **Please note reward points expire every 12 months.
  • I am a tenant in a Mybox building can I have my own locker permanently?
    No. Our lockers are assigned on a per cycle basis. After a locker has been assigned to you it will be yours until your items are collected.
  • What if I have to suddenly travel or cannot pick up my items from the locker in time?
    No problem, you can login to your account online and click on "Active Cycles" to change your delivery method to home and our customer service team will call you to set a delivery date. Otherwise, you can just leave your items in the locker, because if you don't pick up your items by 11:59pm the day after they have been delivered, we collect them again and schedule a home delivery for you the next day or any other day you want.
  • What if there are no lockers available?
    We do our best to make sure lockers are always available for you by constantly monitoring the usage levels. We will clear the lockers as many times a day as we need to in order to ensure locker availability. If we find that a location is constantly full, we will add more lockers. You can login into your account online and click on "Book Locker" to view the availability of the lockers in your building. If you find lockers available, you can reserve the locker to guarantee its availability for the next 30 minutes allowing you to gather your garments and make your way towards the lockers.
  • Are my items safe?
    Yes of course, once you shut the locker assigned to you, the locker is automatically locked and can then only be opened with your password. Additionally, all our lockers are placed in secure locations and are monitored by our built in cameras.
  • How do I delete my Account?
    Users can request data deletion by doing the following: App > Setting > Delete your account. Following these steps mean a complete erasure of all user data

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