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Carpet Cleaning Dubai

"Experience the Excellence: Discover Dubai's Finest Laundry Service!"


Experience premium quality laundry and dry cleaning service with Laundrybox. Give us a call or book through Laundrybox app, and our rider will be at your doorstep within no time. It's that simple, easy, and convenient!




Our Unique Selling Proposition

Excellent Location Coverage

Extensive fleet of drivers to cover maximum areas in Dubai

Europe Grade Laundry Chemical

To ensure excellent cleaning while retaining the texture and color of fabric

Temperature Regulated Cleaning

Customized as per the fabric requirements

100% Steam Iron

100% steam iron for impeccable finish and retain colors of fabric

Trained Textile Experts

Experts with immense knowledge trained regularly with latest cleaning technologies

Fully Vaccinated Staff

To ensure safety of customers and employees.


Carpet cleaning Dubai

We are aware of the fact that carpets are amongst the most significant things found in homes and can make or break the appearance of a room. Carpets mostly are at their best looks when they are new and clean. However, to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, you need to hire our carpet cleaning Dubai services!


There is a common misunderstanding that professional carpet cleaning Dubai might cost you more. The truth is that the cost of maintaining your carpet can be in your budget when you hire professional carpet cleaning services like Laundrybox.


Our experts perform a complete examination of the items [quality, material, stains, damage etc.] before they process your carpets for cleaning. We follow high standards to ensure superior quality and less damage.


While DIY Persian carpet cleaning Dubai can seem convenient or cheaper, one might not necessarily have the skills and experience to deal with the entire cleaning process and this might lead to further damage to the carpet!


Formulated detergents are applied to the carpet directly and are agitated with the help of a machine. We use a vacuum cleaner to take out the cleanser and make your carpet appear clean. The detergents that we use help make your carpet smell nice and look good.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is the most recommended carpet cleaning method. Your carpet does not need any downtime for it to dry when compared to other methods. We use a special cleaning powder to complete the cleaning process. The powder is sprinkled on the carpet to attract dirt. It is then sucked by using a vacuum cleaner, thus leaving your carpet look clean and new.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning Dubai method involves the combination of dry carpet and shampooing method. Some water and cleansing foam are applied to your carpet. The foam is formulated to attract harmful fibers and dust and dirt. This particular method works best on tougher carpets owing to the foaming and the vacuum nature.


Our gentle and intense carpet cleaning process starts with vacuuming your carpet. Our experts are skilled enough to ensure that vacuuming does not distribute dirt and dust across the room. They use high-end equipment to ensure that your carpet disposes of all the bacteria and dust, efficiently.


We make use of eco-friendly and superior products to help your carpet stay free from dirt, germs, dust and stains. The deep sanitisation and cleaning procedure done by our experts is certain to kill most of the germs and viruses.


Laundry is a leading carpet cleaning Dubai Company. We aspire to be the best carpet cleaning company out there. We make use of the safest methods to clean your carpet and sofa. We are always open to your queries. Get in touch with us today by filling out the form below. Or give us a call at 800-5269!


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Adib Samara

Laundrybox is changing the way laundry and dry cleaning is done around the world! Their automated locker system in residential and commercial towers is revolutionary, and gives tenants a 24 hour, hassle free experience. Their mobile app is easy to use, their quality is impeccable, and their 24 hour Customer Service team is like no other in the city - they are reliable, honest, and professional! Who ever thought that doing your laundry would be this easy - and fun too! The only laundry business that allows you to place your orders, manage your laundry cycles, set your preferences and make your payments all with a press of a button! The innovation, convenience and quality service has made Laundrybox the go to Laundry and Dry Cleaning service in Dubai. Epic!

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