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Going for Best Curtain Cleaners over DIY Home Hacks: WHY?

Gone are the days when curtains were used just to cover the windows or doors! These days, it has been a part of home decor, reflecting your preferences and sense of style. In fact, it’s no secret that youngsters use curtains as a backdrop often to click selfies!

But what about cleaning it? Dull and dirty curtains don’t look attractive to be a part of home decor! Cleaning your curtains more often is not just a way to keep them looking fresh but maintain your hygiene.

Now, the question is should you clean it yourself or look for the best professional curtain cleaning in Dubai? Well, we recommend that latter and let us tell you why!

Why Choose a Curtain Cleaning Service Near Me Over DIY Home Hacks?

Of course, cleaning the curtains is no rocket science, especially when so many DIY home hack videos are available on YouTube these days! But no DIY tricks can beat professional curtain cleaners. Take a look at why:

Professional care for curtains-

Every curtain is made of different materials. Yet, its care techniques vary as well! DIY home hacks you find online may give you amazing quick tricks for curtain cleaning, but there’s no guarantee they will be ideal for your curtain fabric.

Professional curtain cleaners use special cleaning techniques for every fabric, such as steam and dry cleaning methods and temperature-regulated cleaning as per the fabric requirement that your DIY tricks and domestic washing machines can’t give! Also, they offer a protective coating to your curtains to prevent sunlight damage and dust.

Premium laundry products-

DIY curtain cleaning home hacks often involve harsh solvent usage and detergent that may make your curtains look clean but weaken the fabric and leave them dull-looking. Professionals use only premium quality chemicals understanding the fabric type and material. Yet, with a curtain laundry service near me, you can rest assured about excellent cleaning and retaining of the fabric's colour and texture.

Great at stain removal-

No matter how effective a DIY hack you use to remove stains, it doesn’t work much, especially in the case of persistent ones!

Professional curtain cleaners are immensely knowledgeable and trained with the latest technologies to remove even stubborn stains and ensure the best results every time! Also, many professional curtain cleaning services include steam iron to ensure an impeccable finish and retain fabric colour.

Saving Money-

Of course, DIY home hacks come with various options for curtain cleaning. But cleaning your delicate curtains yourself can leave them shrunken and wrinkled since you can’t give that level of proper care your curtains need. Hence, you need to change the curtains more often!

Choosing professional curtain cleaning allows not just better cleaning but increases the lifespan of your curtain fabrics with no creases at all! In short, you don’t have to buy new curtains frequently, which means saving money!

Find the Best Curtain Cleaning Services in Dubai

Seeking a professional curtain dry cleaning near me? Laundrybox can provide the best assistance you need to maintain the freshness and look of your curtains! We offer specialised and high-quality customised curtain cleaning services as per the fabric requirements. Our best curtain cleaners are well-trained and knowledgeable about the latest technologies and premium laundry chemicals.

Just download our Laundrybox mobile app now from Google Play Store or Apple Store and schedule a home pick and delivery at your convenience! Our team will be at your doorstep for pickup within 45 minutes!

So, why wait? Order a pickup now!


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