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Is Wet Cleaning a Good Choice for Your Clothes? Secrets Unfold!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Hey, do you maintain any specific laundry day in a week?

Well, we won’t be surprised if you put off doing so usually! After all, most people tend to do that for this specific chore since who else wants to spend the weekend washing clothes or carrying that heavy laundry basket?

But, even if you do so, are you aware that every fabric needs different care? Want to give your clothes the care they deserve? The advanced wet cleaning process is all that you need!

Now, what is wet cleaning? Why should you go for this? Would it be a great choice? Let us tell you

What Is Wet Cleaning?

Professional wet cleaning is quite similar to conventional washing methods but in a different cleaning process with absolutely no use of chemical solvents! Wet cleaning is a 100% eco-friendly cleaning alternative! Professional cleaners use low-temperature, pure water, biodegradable and non-toxic, but effective solvents and customisable highly-intelligent machines to give your fabrics the exact care they need without deteriorating them.

Why Choose Wet Cleaning? Is It a Great Choice for Your Clothes?

If you have never tried professional wet cleaning before for washing your clothes, striking such questions in mind is quite normal! It’s the newest innovation to safely clean garments which are gentle on fabrics but tough on stains, leaving your clothes brighter, fresher and softer.

Still, if you are looking for more convincing reasons to go for wet cleaning, we can give you that! See here:

1: No use of toxic chemicals-

With wet cleaning, your clothes won’t get exposed to toxic solvents since professional cleaners use only pure water and mild and biodegradable detergents in the right amount. According to The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and Health Canada, wet cleaning is considered safe for the environment after extensive testing due to its 0% soil, air and water contamination. Moreover, it takes less energy, making it completely eco-friendly.

2: No chemical odours and residues-

Unlike other cleaning methods, wet cleaning comes with no chemical odour since there remains no chemical residue at all on your garments! Instead, it smells fresh with a clean scent and is soft to the touch due to biodegradable solvents.

3: Soft and Gentle-

Wet cleaning is gentler on fabrics even than home and hand washing as the professional cleaners use milder laundry detergents than that you use at home, making the clothes softer to touch. That’s why it’s great for washing baby clothes and some delicate fabrics. Wet cleaning ensures 100% stain removal without damaging fabrics and retaining brighter and more vibrant colours without fading.

4: Safer for skin-

The cleaning methods involving toxic chemicals leave residue on the fabric while penetrating into your garments’ fibres. No wonder many people find it allergenic and irritating to eyes and skin, leading to rashes even. Wet cleaning is a simple and gentle process, with no exposure to toxic chemicals, making it non-irritating and hyperallergic to the skin.

Laundrybox- Best Professional Wet Cleaning Near You

So, if you are convinced and want to switch to wet cleaning, count on us! At Laundrybox, we ensure premium quality laundry cleaning service. Our advanced wet cleaning technology is completely biodegradable and non-toxic, making it tough on stains, gentler on fabrics and softer to touch while retaining bright and vibrant colours.

Just order pickup through our Laundrybox app or give us a call, our riders will be at your doorstep at your convenience! Download the app now on Google Play Store or Apple Store!


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