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Difference between drycleaning and laundry services Dubai.

Maintaining a house in spic and span condition needs a lot of attention and tender loving care. This is especially true of your clothes as well as other materials like bedsheets, pillow covers, sofa covers as well as carpets. While everyday cleaning can be done at home using home washing machines, every now and then you need to avail drycleaning and laundry services Dubai. There are some folks who do not understand very well the difference between laundry and dry cleaning but there certainly exists a huge difference between the two.


When you are contemplating using drycleaning and laundry services Dubai it is wise to be cognizant of the differences between dry cleaning and laundry. The very basic level difference between the two lies on the basis of the kind of solvents that are used in dry cleaning vis-à-vis laundry. In ordinary laundry services the solvent used is plain water along with some detergents that can wash the clothes or other cloth-based material. On the other hand when you look at dry cleaning, the solvent is essentially a chemical solution other than water as the basic solvent.

Drycleaning and laundry services Dubai follow absolutely different processes for cleansing of dirt from clothes or other cloth-based material. In laundry, the sorting of clothes is done and then the clothes are cleaned using water and detergent so as to remove any stains and clean the clothes effectively.


On the other-hand when it comes to dry cleaning there is a stain pre-treatment that inspects the clothes closely for any stains. Then the clothes and other clothe based materials are placed in a drum which has the chemical solvent which is absolutely water free. After this the drum is gently agitated to get free of the dirt and stains. After this process is complete the chemical solvent is drained out and then the clothes are again rinsed with another solvent to ensure that the process is complete and your clothes are spic and span as if they were new.

The absence of use of water as the primary solvent is thus the basic and relevant difference between dry cleaning and laundry.

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Unknown member
Nov 22, 2022

Thanks for the valuable Content. It will useful for knowledge seekers. Keep sharing your knowledge through this kind of article for best laundry in Dubai.


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