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Curtain Cleaning – An Essential Chore to Keep Your Home Clean, Beautiful, and Healthy

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Drapes and curtains are an integral part of modern-day households. Apart from adding aesthetics to the interior, they also prevent the entry of dust and dirt, offer protection against harsh winds, and reduce the harshness of sunlight.

Since curtains require less attention, most homeowners often overlook their maintenance. Dirty and dusty curtains don’t just look unpleasant but can also cause health issues for people with allergies.

You might decide to spend your time hand washing curtains or . we recommend that you outsource your needs to professionals like us. Different kinds of curtains require different methods of cleaning based on their materials, Texture, and colour. Applying the wrong cleaning technique might lead to serious and irreparable long term damage . That’s why hiring experts for curtain cleaning makes sense from all aspects.

Luckily you don’t have to undergo this time-intensive process of finding professional laundry service providers as you have already landed on the right page.

We, Laundrybox, are a full-service company offering comprehensive solutions ranging from carpet to sofa and shoe to bag cleaning. You can also count on us to clean your dirty drapes and curtains. Our experts use different cleaning methods depending on the curtain material to deliver the best result. Reach out to us now to order a pickup, or keep on reading to learn more about how we work.

What Do We Do Differently Than Others ?

  1. Thorough inspection of items under expert supervision to ensure best plan for cleaning curtains

  2. We hire ONLY the most experienced and trained professionals in market for curtain cleaning with an excellent track record.

  3. Range of curtain cleaning options (for various fabrics and textures) - WASHING , DRY CLEANING , STEAM CLEANING , HAND WASH etc

  4. Best in Class Italian Machines for all kinds of cleaning options.

  5. Installation and removal services for curtains available upon request.

Machine Washing

After receiving curtains ,our textile experts thoroughly check their materials, quality, texture, and finish. Only a few curtains qualify for Machine Wash. However , if our textile experts and supervisors think so, this might mostly be the best way to clean certain materials . With our expert team of washerman and high grade italian machines, we make sure that we process your items with the best of cleaning chemicals and selection of accurate washing programes to deliver excellent curtain cleaning results . Ironing for curtains is always 100% steam iron by most experienced pressman in house to remove all crease and wrinkles with no shine marks or burn marks.

The process of washing your drapes and curtains in a washing machine may seem easy. But since curtains fabric tends to be most tricky , the cleaning ,therefore, can be unmanageable and risky in a constrained home environment.

Washing curtains at home may also pave the way for several other problems. For instance, if your washing machine is small, it can’t manage a big load. Drapes and curtain cleaning at home can also become challenging if your iron board is not big enough. Hence getting professional help for curtain cleaning is always a good idea.

Dry Cleaning

We recommend professional Dry cleaning for curtains made of delicate and sensitive fabrics like silk,nets, linen. Detergent, water (hot or cold), and constant friction in the washing machine might damage most of the fabrics and textures. Drapes and curtains may fade or shrink because of this.

Since curtains are an expensive investment for home decorations, maintenance for them is a crucial task. Look no further for curtain dry cleaning experts near me. Use our app or call us to schedule a pickup for dry cleaning your curtains.

Steam Cleaning

Depending on the quality and material of the curtains, we may also recommend steam cleaning. As the name suggests, this method uses steam to clean curtains so that their fibres lose embedded dust, dirt, and grime in a seamless manner.

We hope that this article provides basic information on different cleaning methods. Laundrybox specialise in cleaningdifferent types of drapes and curtains. So, what are you waiting for? Download our app now and schedule a pickup. You are one click away from getting your laundry done.

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