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The Undeniable Reasons to Keep Your Shoes Always Clean

Shoes can tell a lot about a person. For instance, wearing clean shoes signifies that you care for your appearance as well as hygiene. People often overlook the fact that shoes are also major germ carriers and hence require routine cleaning.

The importance of shoe cleaning is immense and also the topic of today’s discussion. Keep on reading to learn why you must always keep your shoes spick-and-span.

#Uncleaned Shoes Spread Germs and Can Make You Sick

The University of Arizona and Good Morning America have recently conducted a joint study where they found that shoes are dirtier than toilet seats. Toilets, in general, contain around 1,000 bacteria or less. The test subject’s shoes, on the other hand, were filled with 66 million bacteria. The authority then researched further on the nine different species of bacteria found in one shoe. These bacteria may cause infection in the stomach, lungs, and eyes. Overall, it is fair to conclude that uncleaned shoes can make you sick. Cleaning them properly allows you to improve your hygiene and well-being.

#Get Rid of Foot Odour

Dirty shoes are often full of sweat and dirt. Moist, warm, and filthy environments help bacteria and fungi thrive. The bad-smelling fungi are the prime reason for the foul odour in our shoes. Meanwhile, it is also essential to understand that most shoes don’t have enough circulation. Therefore, the bad smells and pathogens get nowhere to go except our feet. Keeping our shoes clean inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, preventing our feet from getting smelly.

#Routine Shoe Cleaning Means It Is Well Maintained

You can easily detect the signs of wear and tear when cleaning shoes and address the issue immediately. It ensures that your shoes are well taken care of in pursuit of cleaning it. The same will also help keep your boots well-maintained, paving the way for their longevity.

#Look Prepared and Competent

So far in this post, we have discussed the hygienic and other health-based purposes of cleaning shoes. But it goes without saying that keeping shoes clean also serves aesthetic functions. No matter how stylish your attire is, if your shoes are not cleaned and polished, you will neither look good nor be presentable. However, you can change your image instantly if you switch to neat, clean, shiny shoes instead of wearing a dirty and uncleaned pair. It will help you create a great first impression.

After going through this write-up, we don’t think you will overlook the importance of cleaning shoes anymore. But getting enough time for this job may seem challenging when you are constantly trying to keep pace with UAE’s busy lifestyle. Thankfully, Laundrybox has made shoe cleaning in Dubai and beyond a cakewalk for its users.

Since you have already found us, you don’t need to look for pro shoe cleaners on Google using terms like shoe dry cleaning near me. Download our app now to schedule the service. All our experts are highly trained and have years of experience in cleaning and restoring different types of shoes, including:

  1. Boots

  2. Sneakers

  3. Leather Shoes

  4. Fabric Shoes

  5. Suede Shoes

  6. Stilettos

  7. Gym Shoes

  8. Sandals etc.

Partner with us to address all your shoe cleaning and restoration needs. Let us help you achieve personal hygiene goals and look elegant.

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